Unknown Combo Pen

Chrisrap52 provided me with an interesting combo pen probably from the 1930s. This was a type of pen which had a pencil at one end and a fountain pen at the other end, and many of these were made during the Great Depression. Unfortunately, neither he nor I can figure out its brand because there is no branding on it. Looking at it with 21st century eyes, it’s a little startling to see a 14K gold nib on a no-name pen!

The nib itself is wet and flexible. I was impressed with the kind of line variation I got out of it. The feed keeps it well fed with ink so it can pool well on the paper.

The pen is filled by way of a sac, and I could see the yellowing of the plastic from offgassing of old sacs. The pencil end of the pen has no such yellowing. I also noticed that the barrel was slightly deformed in the area of the lever.

This pen won’t become a daily writer, but it’s definitely a fun pen, and I’ve never used anything like it.


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