The Markant m7720

I had the chance to review¬†an East German pen. The Markant m7720 was manufactured in 1970s East Germany and is quite similar to the Montblanc Noblesse Oblige. Of course, the East German model has a steel nib and lacks the Montblanc “snowflake”. It is a cartridge-converter pen and has a lot of great features.

The nib is one of those great features. It’s a plain, steel nib, but surprisingly flexible. I’ve been very careful with this nib since it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to replace it. Nevertheless, the feeling of writing with this pen is a lot like some of my softest nibs, though there is not a lot of line variation. The nib is easily one of my favorites, and it is quite smooth.

The pen body is made of aluminum and plated with silver. I’ve mentioned several times that I don’t care for metal bodied pens. But, this pen gets it right. The barrel and the grip are deeply brushed so that they have texture. This pen won’t show fingerprints and it won’t get slippery as I sweat in this hot summer weather.

It is a cartridge converter pen. I installed a spare converter I had laying around, and I’ve been pretty happy with it. It’s also a snap cap, and it even snaps to post.

My main complaint about this pen is that it is not suitable for long writing sessions. There is a very sharp step between the metal grip section and the body, and it slices at my fingers as I write.

But, overall, this pen is a nice piece of history.