Aurora Style Gemstone Fountain Pen

I’ll confess: I bought this pen entirely on impulse. I had never owned or used an Aurora fountain pen before. I had tried out one or two of their ink samples, but they didn’t make much impression one way or the other. But, this pen called to me with its very retro appearance.

I purchased the broad nib because it seemed to me that this would be a “fun” pen. I was disappointed in my first two fills that it was not particularly broad. In fact, one pen pal suggested it was more like a fine or possibly a medium and wondered if I had been sent the wrong pen. But, it does now seem to be a lot more broad. Even so, it is not as broad as I would expect from a European pen.

Setting that aside, it is a cartridge converter pen with a snap cap. This is hardly exciting stuff, and the pen does not even come with a converter. At this price point, would it kill the company to include a converter? Fortunately, this is a standard size converter, so I was able to use one of the converters drifting around my house.

The pen has acceptable flow. I got shading with my more shading inks, but nothing exciting. In the end, it’s an attractive pen, but hardly one I’m excited about. It may stay in my collection, but it won’t be one I use daily. My feeling on it was a resounding “meh.”


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    A morning Jason, nice looking pen as well as the ink color. To me this pen looks more like a broad nip, it may say m nib but some reviews call a nib med/broad, cause it writes like one. I own 16 broad nibs,( 3)1.5 and( 3)1.1 nibs. All so many med and fine nibs. But it’s sure looks like a Broad unless it’s just a very wet writer and the ink is lubricant that could have something to do with it, but I’m still new in to fountains, 2 yrs. love the pen, tge way it writes and the ink.
    Pen pale

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