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This summer, I experimented with vegetarian cooking. I managed 3 vegetarian meals per week, and I was actually surprised by how much money I saved. Although I’ve redone my budget in light of this new eating pattern, I rewarded myself with the savings and purchased and exotic vintage Czechoslovakian Centropen 100820 from the early 1960s. It’s a pen and pencil set which shatters any of my preconceived notions of the types of things made under communism.

This is truly a luxury pen. It is made of a glorious celluloid material. The chatoyancy is quite something, and I love the beautiful nib. It has quite a nice nib, a lot like a brush. It’s very flexible. I own the famous Waterman’s Ideal 52 pen, and it doesn’t hold a candle to this nib. The ebonite feed keeps up quite well with this nib.

The pen is a piston filler with the filling knob hidden under a celluloid blind cap. It has a large ink window which provides a clear view of the ink inside the pen and the amount of ink remaining.

The trim is gold filled, not just gold plated. This means that even as the gold plating wears away, the gold color remains. Furthermore, the details on this pen are absolutely right: the finials are perfectly aligned, the chatoyancy on the pen is aligned, and it simply balances dramatic color with beauty.

The pen is the product of early 1960s Czechoslovakia. I never would have expected a pen like this from communist Czechoslovakia. But, I love it very much.

In the video, I did discuss the history of Centropen. I hope that this comes in handy.

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    Hello from the Czech Republic. Your pen is a nice one, but I am sure it has not been made by Centropen. There in no standard Centropen imprint on the body (typically Centropen + model number), the nib is not from Centropen, even the logo on the case is different. In my humble opinion, the most important lead to the producer could be the nib imprint “ISCO”. I would guess your pen has been made somewhere in former Yugoslavia.


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