TWSBI Classic (EF)

I’ve owned this pen for a few years. I purchased the TWSBI Classic as a “Baystate Blue” pen. I’ve since replaced it with another pen, but it did occur to me that I have not reviewed it. I’ll upload pictures later: it turns out I don’t have any photos of this pen, so I’ll need to take care of that over the weekend.

The pen is slender, faceted, and, unlike the other pens of this brand, it is not a demonstrator. It is solidly colored, though there is a small ink window visible under the cap. It is also a piston filler, like the 580.

So, there are quite a few things to like. TWSBI designs their pens so that the user can take them apart. These are also solid sounding (and feeling) pens.

TWSBI listens to its customers. In its original incarnation, the Classic could not be posted. After user complaints, TWSBI changed the design of the pen so that the piston filling knob had rubber rings to hold the cap when it was posted. In fact, the pen itself was developed for those users who didn’t want a demonstrator.

Also convenient, the pen fits with the same TWSBI inkwell  as the TWSBI 580 pens for convenient, mess free filling.

So, I wish I liked this pen better. It became my Baystate Blue pen, until I started getting annoyed with it. It did a wonderful job keeping the ink from drying out. I never experienced hard starts with this pen. In fact, I filmed this review back in August, took the pen to school, and forgot about it until it was time to upload this review. I found the pen, uncapped it, and it wrote like a champ.

What I didn’t like was that I ended up with inky fingers more than I like. I don’t know if it was leaks or if ink from the cap was smearing on the grip section. Either way, it was a little annoying, especially with Baystate Blue. It was also a little less than comfortable in my hand.

Since I was underwhelmed with the pen, these drawbacks were enough to send me looking elsewhere, so this pen has laid in my “giveaway” box since last spring. It’s not a bad pen, just not one that excites me either.

But, this is a good enough pen that I would recommend it. It’s just not for me.

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