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Pilot Custom 74 (B)

I review the Pilot Custom 74 ¬†fountain pen. This one has a nice lavender/purple finish. The broad nib shows off the ink I used beautifully. Because of this pen, Montegrappa Bourdeaux is one of my favorite inks. However, in this review I used Noodler’s Ottoman Rose, another one of my favorites. It is a smooth

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Lamy 2000 (B)

While I have reviewed the Lamy 2000 before, I felt that the broad nib was sufficiently different that it deserved its own review. It has all the good characteristics of its fine nib brother. The broader nib is broad, but it has a definite sweet spot because it has some stub characteristics. Writing produced by

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Noodler’s Konrad Resin with Noodler’s Nibs

I have reviewed the Noodler’s flex nibs before, so in this review of the resin model of the Noodler’s Konrad, I try out the Noodler’s non-flex nibs. I appreciate the good price on these nibs. They are decent nibs, but there are better nibs for this pen. As for the pen itself, I like it,

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